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Floor panels

IML TM-steel industrial floor panels are a lasting and economic solution for all surfaces subject to heavy loads. It is available in different materials, dimensions and edge formations.


  • pickled (also as tear-drop pattern)
  • galvanised
  • stainless steel, quality V2A  (also as tear-drop pattern)
  • stainless steel, quality V4A


  • 15x30cm
  • 30x30cm

material thickness:

  • 3mm
  • 5mm

slip resistances:

  • R10
  • R11
  • R12 (for stainless steel, qualities V2A and V4A)

edge type:

  • straight (type ST)
  • interlocking/intermeshing (type IG)

total height of plate:

  • 25mm
  • 16mm

In addition to our 30x30cm plates, some of our customers use the 15x30cm plates as edge protection in the area of expansion joints e.g. when laying screeds.

We would like to highlight our plate type IG, which allows a largely vibration-free driving on surfaces or joints because of the interlocking/intermeshing laying.


We also offer a solution for areas with low working heights: the IMLTM-steel industrial floor panel with a total height of only 16mm.


For areas subject to particularly high loads, we offer 5 mm thick plates and plates with teardrop pattern.