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About our product program

IMLTM-steel industrial floor panel is a strong partner for highly stressed surfaces and solves floor problems in the long term. In addition to our 30x30cm large panels, our customers also appreciate the 15x30cm panels in the area of expansion joints.

We would like to highlight our plate type IG, which allows a largely vibration-free driving on surfaces or joints because of the interlocking/intermeshing laying.

We also offer a solution for areas with only a low available working height: The IML steel industrial floor panel with a total height of only 16mm.

All panels can be supplied in a pickled, galvanized or stainless steel version. For areas subject to particularly high loads, we also offer 5 mm thick plates and plates with lug pattern.

With polished floors special value is placed on the optics. Here we recommend our IMLTMaluminium joint profile, which can be securely anchored in the screed thanks to the special design of the support surface. It is easy to grind.

We are constantly expanding our steel plate program to meet new application areas.
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