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IML Industrieboden GmbH

Am Waldpark 1
67122 Altrip am Rhein

T: 0049 (0) 6236 35 04
F: 0049 (0) 6236 24 90


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      • Total height of plate 25mm
        approx. or

        pickled 3mm 5mm 30x30cm 15x30cm R10 R11 (30x30cm)
        galvanized 3mm 5mm 30x30cm 15x30cm R10 R11 (30x30cm)
        Stainless steel V2A 3mm 30x30cm 15x30cm R10 R11 (30x30cm) R12 (30x30cm)
        Stainless steel V4A 3mm 30x30cm R10 R11 R12 (30x30cm)
        Lug pattern 30x30cm
        Lug pattern Stainless steel 30x30cm
      • Total height of plate 16mm, material thickness 3mm, dimension 30x30cm
        approx. or

        stainless steel V2A      
      • Aluminium Joint Profile
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