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5mm – edge type: straight (type ST) or interlocking/intermeshing (Type IG)

Technical specifications:

pickled, hot-rolled
dimensions: 297mm x 297mm x 25mm
Material thickness: 5 mm
Slip resistances: R10, R11
Edge type:
straight (type ST) / interlocking/intermeshing (type IG)
approx. 45,10 kg/m²
Calculation of quantity: 11 pcs./m²
Technical changes reserved.

Fields of application:

  • Areas that are highly strained by shocks, rolling and sliding.
  • Traffic with steel-wheeled vehicles with small wheels and high loads.
  • Areas that are traveled by tracked vehicles.

Example of use:

Bus-factory, production and assembly

Assembly and finishing of busses up to the final assembly on heavy three-wheeled assembling tressles with steel tyres.Wheel radius 160 mm, width of wheel rim approx. 60 mm.

Heavy load on narrow footprints of steelwheels with individual axles.

Due to the interlocking panels the joint is minimized, thereby reducing the rolling resistance.
Very high abrasion resistance.


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